Blackjack: Keeping Up with the Times

Blackjack's history dates back to around 300 years in France, yet this exciting card game has not ceased to attract new players and keeps the old ones playing. For a long time, this card game has been played in actual settings like in casinos or in regular friendly gatherings. But there has been a new and exciting avenue for playing Blackjack opened by computers. Many programmers have ventured into creating Blackjack game simulators and have been very successful in popularizing this new way of playing the 300-year-old card game.

Over the years, these simulators have been developed and today it is not hard to find a blackjack software packed with game features to make the whole experience more realistic. More importantly, a lot of effort has been put into making the simulations as accurate as possible. Most of these game simulators have a module for card counting exercises although you can also get a separate card counting software for your exercises. This has created a shift in venue for some blackjack players where instead of going into a real casino, they can sit comfortably at home, still play the game, and enjoy the same degree of excitement and thrill. These games have been developed where you can install stand-alone terminals or play through the network. You can have the entire game module in your computer or play the game online. Let's take a look at some Blackjack software available today.

Casino Verite Blackjack from QFIT Software

One noticeable attribute of this software is its graphics and game interface organization. It is well designed and it doesn't make use of dreary colors which might discourage some hesitant learners to really get into learning the game. The windows are also efficiently organized making it easy to find the buttons and other generated information you are keeping track of while going on with the game. This is a good thing because most people are drawn to the looks of the software first before they get interested to find out and test the features the software offers.

Casino Verite Blackjack game simulator has a very realistic look and will definitely pass the test. The software includes gaming options that are fit for novices, more experienced players, and experts. It can be set to create an instructional environment for those who are new to the game and can be further customized to accommodate more experienced players where they can start using basic blackjack strategy and card counting. The software includes a module that can train players to do card counting. For the experts, the game can up its difficulty level and add more complexities to the game like the betting strategies of different betting systems. This software is probably among the most comprehensive Blackjack simulators ever developed that includes actual rules being followed in over 500 casinos in its modules. It is very flexible software and is easy to customize according to what you need to learn the game. A really great feature is the tournament simulations where you can hone your skills even farther and get you armed and ready to play and bet real money.

Blackjack Expert from DeepNet Technologies

From DeepNet Technologies comes a wide collection of Blackjack software from instructional, basic simulations to more advanced games for experts. DeepNet has developed a wide range of blackjack game simulations to cater to your needs and they have also developed versions compatible with the Palm operating system, standard Windows operating system, and Pocket PC operating system. This means you can virtually take the game with you wherever you go.

DeepNet's Blackjack Expert features game options simulating a lot of advanced casino add on rules which you normally would not find in most blackjack game simulators. With Blackjack Expert you are allowed to make a split move, choose the number of decks you want the simulator to use, double after splitting, and more. The game keeps track and informs you of your statistical edge so you will have a fair idea of any realistic blackjack casino game. A great feature also included in the software is a module that trains the player to do card counting while continuing with the entire simulation. This is how realistic it can get with DeepNet's Blackjack Expert.

Proficient Blackjack v3. 0

Proficient Blackjack is a blackjack game simulator that is also designed to help train players from different levels. It has a gaming environment fit for people who are really new to the game and are still learning. The game behavior is really simple so that it will not get intimidating for the new learner. It can also simulate environments for experienced and expert players and train them to card count at the same time. This is actually good software to use when learning card counting as it is an area that has been carefully developed in the software. Right now, only the Windows version is available.


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