Learn the Game from Blackjack Books

Blackjack or otherwise known as 21 is a very popular card game. The game has been around for centuries, yet it has been kept alive by the exciting mixture of the elements of chance and skill. Many people have become attracted to the game particularly because of that element of skill which means that there is a chance for them to manipulate the outcome of the game to a certain extent. The game's popularity has led a lot of people to write about it as well. Many books are about optimizing one's chances of winning against the house by giving extensive discussions about strategies, card counting systems, and a lot of other inventive techniques. Other books or novels have stories, even true-to-life accounts that center around the game.

Some Popular Blackjack Books

1. Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong

This is quite an old book that was published around 1993 but the way the book was written has kept what it has to say from getting obsolete. This is because most of the information you can gather from Wong's rather concise book is heavily based on unchanging the laws of the well established disciplines of math and probability. In just a little over 250 pages, you will learn about blackjack more than what you might gather from other thick blackjack books.

The entire book is excellent for those who have want to learn how to play the game with the interesting and useful complexities of strategy, about counting (the book uses Hi-Lo counting system), and betting. What's good about the book is that it is very straightforward and simply says what it has to say in the most concise manner. For those who want to learn but don't want to spend too much time reading text, this book is great.

2. BeatWebCasinos.com by Bill Haywood

Indeed, other than blackjack being played in real casinos, the card game is also very popular in the computer world. BeatWebCasinos.com is one book that discusses about the game of blackjack in the computer and World Wide Web setting. Although most of these game simulations try their best to accurately copy what happens in true-to-life blackjack games, no one can safely say that they have done it 100 percent and therefore you can expect itty bitty differences however harmless or insignificant they might be with regards to game outcomes.

The book includes a brief discussion on this plus a lot of sound advice for people who are looking into gaining a lot of cash from online casinos, particularly their bonus incentives. Also discussed are some of the reputations of some of the casinos and what you can expect when playing there. More importantly, the book comprehensively deals with a lot of blackjack software out there, as well as online casino games.

The book is different from the other books as it does not sugar coat the whole blackjack ins and outs with promises of large amounts of money one can win. It is however a forthright discussion of facts about casinos, the ins and outs of the game, online and downloadable blackjack software, what you can get from practicing basic blackjack strategy, and card counting, no more, no less. So what you can expect from this book is real information you could use as you step into the online world of Blackjack.

3. Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich

This book is different from the other two as this is actually an account based on the true story of a group of MIT students who were trained to efficiently count cards before hitting one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. Most people have commented that there are some portions that were highly exaggerated, but that's actually the point of writing novels. The story is about how Thorp, a math professor and lecturer in MIT with some of his students, have been winning huge amounts of money, literally"bringing the house down. " This book has just had its movie adaptation released in March 2008. The movie was entitled 21 so as not to confuse it with an earlier comedy with the exact same title as the book. Judging from the fact that the book got its own movie adaptation, it is safe to say that it is indeed a good and entertaining read, not to mention the bonus of gathering some good tricks in card counting that you could use in an actual game.


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