Identify the Blackjack Myths and Stop Losing Money at the Game

Most of the time when something gets really popular a lot of myths gets circulated about it. It's good if those myths will not cause any harm or negative effects on someone believing in them, but there are a lot of false or misleading statements that a lot of people readily believe, unfortunately without thinking much about it, that will lead them to trouble in one way or another. Examples are blackjack myths which can cause someone to lose a lot of money for no justifiable or rational reason at all except for a simple myth circulated by someone who has no idea how much damage he or she has caused. While other myths will not make any difference whether someone believes or rejects them at all, blackjack myths have the potential to cause someone to make bad decisions during the game that will cause him to lose, not just once but probably again and again. There are a lot of blackjack myths circulating out there and if you are not careful, you might already be misled by one.

Blackjack Myths

Let's take a look at some of the most common myths about blackjack that might put you in potential disadvantage during the game.

Probably the most common misconception about the game is its goal. Many have erroneously believed that the goal of the game is to reach 21 first. Although an automatic blackjack is very good, reaching 21 is just not the main thing. All you actually have to do is to beat the dealer's hand, whether or not you reach 21 and that's all.

Blackjack is a game of luck so if you're not feeling lucky or have done something that speaks bad omen, stay away from the game. This is just not true, in fact, blackjack is the only game housed by casinos that involves an element of skill. This lies in the fact that rules of the game allow a player to make choices for their next move. And with these choices, they can gain a certain level of advantage over the house, in the long term, if they have good and careful bases for their choices.

You need to have special abilities like being a math genius or have photographic memory to win the game. This is not true because being a genius or having photographic memory will not give you controls over the deck of cards and all you really need is common sense in using basic blackjack strategy. The basic blackjack strategy is not another myth type thing to put your hopes on but a chart of mathematically and probabilistically derived inferences based on hand values from both dealer and player.

A person joining or leaving in the middle of the game can make you lose. Not true again. A person joining or leaving at the middle of the game has no connection to whatever is going on in your game. Your chances lie in the deck of cards, not in other people joining or leaving.

Stay away from hot dealers. Dealers do not have a choice to make during the game at all except to follow house rules and that is about all they can do aside from dealing the cards. The choices to be made will in fact come from you. This means that, if there is any hint of game control at all, it comes from nowhere else but from you.

Bad players can affect you or bad luck from other players can rub on you and affect your chances. This is too ridiculous. In the real world of blackjack, there is only math and probability and that's all there is to it, nothing else. They can irritate you with their grumbling if ever they get into a foul mood because of losing and it can sometimes make you lose your concentration. But that's got nothing to do with good or bad luck either.

You need a substantial bank roll for you to be able to sustain long term playing and cover more winning chances. Wrong. You can simply adjust your choice of tables, if you chose the ones that start of at $10 or $20 you should be able to stretch your stay in the game long enough for you to get to that edge.

There are so many more Blackjack myths out there and the best thing to do to keep yourself myth-free is to bear in mind at all times that all blackjack needs is your thorough understanding of the games rules, your familiarization with the basic strategy, and common sense. With these, you should do just fine.


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